Rearview Review

2013 In Review:

Friendship: This category was strong. I maintained a solid relationship with the ones who are important to me even though life has taken us in all different directions. Several have moved, several have been through heartbreaks, we’ve all been through the typical buffet line of emotions this year, and all managed to come out clean. It isn’t easy to maintain friendships, as we get older. Am I the only one who feels this way? You really have to work, which is when the phrase, “quality not quantity” really begins to make sense. When I get married, I will probably only have 4 bridesmaids, and that is ok. I have met some new people this year and while I haven’t made any friendships that I feel are solid, I think I will continue to hang out with them in the year to come. You never know where things will go.

Love: This year was not particularly hard for me in this category. I had some dates, “dated” a few guys, had a couple of wild flings—I so wish I could divulge more into those—and then this fall began to spend time with someone I’ve known, very casually, all year. I just spent Christmas with his awesome family and we’ve had some really good times. It is safe to say he has put a nice spin on this year, though I am still getting used to using the word “boyfriend” which has always urked me for some reason. I am in no hurry to escalate things and I don’t think he is either, but I do know if he were to disappear I would probably smile a lot less. That is all I will say about that for now. This new year I am going into this relationship with an open mind and heart. I am just going to enjoy and have fun.

Career: This was by far the most stagnant of categories this year for me. While it was not bad, nothing great happened either. Well, I take that back. I guess the fact that I was blessed with the ability to continue to work when so many others in my company got let go is enough. This upcoming year I hope to possibly advance in my career just a bit though.

Family: This is another category that was quite stagnant. Nothing spectacular happened to or with my family. Everyone is still healthy and kicking though, so once again it would seem “stagnant” is not a bad thing. We were blessed to not lose anyone we loved this year and everyone is going into 2014 with a clean bill of health, and for that I am thankful. In 2014 I would like to spend more time with my nieces. Being 10 and 8 they are at such an impressionable age. They need role models they can trust and look up to and I hope they see me as one.

Everything else is just extra. Finances, blogging, and what have you.

2014, I hope you’re ready. You’ve got a version of Megan coming at you that is happy and determined, and for the naysayers of the world, that is a dangerous version of myself.


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