What I Find Pintersting Lately

I've been pinning a few amazing things lately. Chalk it up to a lot of time in the airport and car but I've been going a little pin crazy. Especially with recipes…most of which I will never cook.

Click pictures for links to my Pinterest and the respective board.

I wonder if these really work?! Pinned to my Lifesaver board. 

I truly adore this whole set up. The bedding is so my style…

I am the ball cap queen--currently wearing one now, in fact. WHY did it never occur to me to dress it up? Dirty hair doesn't have to equal sloppy outfit.

This outfit surfaces time and time again in my pins around the New Years Eve holiday. If I could find this exact dress I would spend $500 on it. I adore black tights. Buy a new pair or two each winter. 

By the time I finally get this made, it will be the appropriate time to have it out. 

EXCUUUSE ME?!! Pinned straight from Urban Decay's Pinterest. I can not contain my excitement. 

Taking this to my hair appointment Saturday! Love the color. It is similar to mine minus some of the brassy tones that sneak their way in…blame the ginger in me trying to escape. 

This is my dog…and the garbage can…she just can't grasp the concept that it is not her food bowl.

This is a turkey and wild rice soup, but I will sub the turkey for chicken…not a turkey fan!

What did we do without Pinterest y'all?! Oh that's right…had a bookmark list a mile long…woof.


  1. I love these pins, especially the Naked Palette 3! That is definitely on my wish list for Christmas this year.



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