New Look

Hello y'all! Sorry about the disappearance. I finally got my new look installed so please let me know what you think! I think it looks a little classier and a little more grown up.

I am feeling much better after surgery and ready to get back to my full range of motion. I am DYING to do yoga. Supposedly I can go back to all normal movements and work outs and such as of this Thursday!! WHOO!!!

I'll be back to blogging tomorrow with one of my favorite link ups, Taste of Tuesday!

See y'all then!!

Surgery Recovery

Hey y'all. If you saw my post on Sunday you know I had surgery yesterday.

I am feeling a lot better this morning, but yesterday was pretty rough, as to be expected. I have never felt that kind of pain, because I have never had surgery before. I think a toothache has been the extent of my pain.

The whole ordeal was new from the IV in my hand, to the carrying round an IV bag, to laying in this awful hospital bed, to being wheeled around, and put under (which I have NO memory of), to coming out of the anesthesia and wanting to cry from pain…you get the idea.

Here I sit now on my couch after a somewhat restless night sleep feeling 10 times better. I have to sleep only on my back so that was really hard for me, since I am a stomach sleeper. I took two doses of Ibuprofen through the night as well. I have hydrocodone, but I must not be a gangster because pain pills make me sick. I took a few of them yesterday but I am going to limit them to bed time so I don't have to spend all day nauseated.

I'm not quite up for any posts today and possibly the rest of the weekend. Hopefully I will feel better Monday. I just wanted to let y'all know I am alive! I've got my post op appointment at 10:30 this morning so hopefully the butcher will fill me in on what my next few weeks ahead look like…and I might catch a glimpse of my new (old) boobs.

Taste of Tuesday- Pot Roast

Linking with Blissfully Miller and Let's Get Bananas!

I failed as a blogger in the sense that I did not take any after photos of this phenomenal roast that I made last week. However, I refuse to fail in not sharing it with y'all. Let me preface this by saying, this was my first attempt at making a roast. It could not have gone over better if I had been making them for 20 years.

What I used:

3 lb chuck roast
2 cups of beef stock
1/2 cup of chopped onion--whole ones would have been better, but I improvised
Salt, pepper, and fajita seasoning--covered the entire roast, both sides, generously
2 tbsp of the juice from a jar of pepperocinis (spelling?!)

Also, used a handful of new potatoes and carrots!

I browned the onion in some canola oil, removed most of them, then threw in the carrots and potatoes to brown. Once they were showing some color, remove from the pan. Next I salt, pepper, and fajita seasoned the roast on one side and put that side down in the skillet, while you season the other side. Make sure the pan is uncomfortably hot. Sear it for about 1 minute then flip and repeat. Transfer to the crockpot and put potatoes, carrots, and onions around it. I had to shove it in there but it fit.

Now the juicy (pun intended) part. Using the same skillet pour in the broth and pepperocini juice. Stir violently (my new cooking term) and be sure to scrap the goodies from the roast, onions, etc up off the pan. Get all that good flavor moving around in the sauce. Let it simmer and get just a hair (ew, who talks about hair in food?) thicker then pour it in to the crock pot and put her on high for about 2 hours. I then turned it to low and let it sit for another 6 hours. This was not my original intention. We got held up, and I was a little worried when we got home. However, I opened the pot and took a spoon and fork to it to lift it onto a cutting board and it fell right apart in the crock pot.

The flavor was also perfect. Just a slight, very, very small hint of spice to it from the juice of the pepperocinis and fajita seasoning.

All in all it was perfection!! I stole the pepperocini juice idea from the Pioneer Woman, aka my idol.

My first roast attempt will not be my last.

How do you differ in making roast? It is one of my favorite meals, I would love to hear your ideas!

Great Reads

It is the first day back to work since the week before Christmas. Needless to say, I and everyone else in my office is very rusty. So, I just want to share a few reads to check out.

(but seriously) 

I love a good list. If you're needing to kill time, these are good reads.

On a Personal Note

A little while ago I mentioned that I was going to share something personal with y'all. Maybe something that was TMI.

Growing up I was always the girl with big boobs. I got them around 8th grade and they were almost immediately a C cup. Today they're bordering on a D 1/2. I can not find a bathing suit top that works, bras are impossible, and lets not even talk about a strapless bra. I spend most of my days in a sports bra trying to minimize them.

Well, no longer. This Thursday, bright and early, at 7 am I am undergoing a breast reduction. I am terrified. My doctor and I have discussed it and instead of talking in terms of "cup", I am to give him a percentage I want removed, as in 20, 30, 40%, etc. As of now, I am sitting on 20-25%. That doesn't sound like a lot, but at the same time I do want to still have some boob. It would be awful to wind up wanting implants after spending the money on this.

I am really excited though, through my fear. I hope that by the time summer rolls around I will be able to wear tube tops, bandeau bathing suits, etc…

I have caught some flack from friends who think I am crazy. Then again, they have never lived in my body, therefore they are not allowed an opinion. I'm sure my boyfriend is a little less than thrilled for obvious reasons, but I think he understands this will ultimately bring out a more confident version of myself and he is happy about that. My family understands as all of the women in our family have this same problem. I will be the first to do this.

It is a chunk of change, but it will be worth it in the long run…I hope!

I will be busy this week busting my butt to get things done. For the next two weeks I won't be able to lift anything such as laundry baskets. Darn (<---HA!). I am a little bummed at getting out of the great work out schedule I have gotten in lately, but it is what it is. (What an annoying phrase, I know.)

So this was a lot of ramble on I realize, but I wanted to share with y'all what is happening in my life this week. I will be in and out over the week but I will definitely let y'all know how it goes Friday or Saturday depending on how I feel! According to my doc I should recover nicely and be basically up and going the next day. We'll see buddy, we'll see.

Wish me luck!

Ps: I want to thank all of you who comment on my posts. I always reply via email. If you're listed as a "no comment reply" I recommend changing that! I didn't know about it when I first started but it makes it much easier for me to communicate with you! I don't ever want anyone to think I am ignoring your comment. Check this out, it helped me switch over! Talk to y'all soon!

Friday Favorites #1

Housewife Glamour

I am doing a new Friday link up this week! It is through Housewife Glamour. I love her blog. She is a great fitness motivator! 

  • I just bought the Nutribullet System. I love it already. It is a perfect mix of blending and juicing. 

I bought mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. $100.

  •  Cooking. I have been on a real cooking binge lately. I have some great recipes to share with y'all coming up. In the meantime looks at this killer grilled cheese I just made. I could only eat half, sadly. 

Fun fact: I regularly eat on paper plates if it is just me! One less dish. 

  • The New Year! I can't remember where I saw this, maybe Pinterest or Instagram. If anyone else has seen it and knows where it originated please let me know so I can give credit!! 

Cute idea, right?

  • Inspiration. I am using this photo of myself from about 7 years ago as my fitness inspiration. I have never been smaller than a size 2, always had hips and boobs but I need to get back to being a bit healthier. *Coors aside*

How about that Dawson's Creek hair cut. Yikes. 

  • Tobi. HOW did I not know about this site. As a new member you get 50%, yes FIFTY percent off your first order. *Shame alert: I bought over $600 worth of goodies--paid half price. That is not my usual spending amount but I figured 50% off I'd better load up! 

One of my picks! Will be great with tights and a cardigan or sweater and then perfect for summer. Click picture for link. $36.

 Those are just a few of the things rocking my 2014 so far. Looking forward to discovering some new blogs through a new link up! Thanks Housewife Glamour for hosting something new!


Popping in to say Happy New Year. I hope y'all are safe and enjoying your day. I am pretty hungover, but I had a wonderful night with my boyfriend at their country club! I am going to share a few of my "resolutions". They aren't anything major, more just things I have been wanting to do anyway.

Do more yoga.

Drink more water.

Eat more veggies.

Read more books.

Become a better blogger.

Get in shape.

Keep my car cleaner.

I know there is a lot of controversy where resolutions are concerned but I don't see anything wrong with it. It is fun to set a few goals. Does it have to be on January 1st? Not necessarily but it makes it come out neater. I am a little OCD like that.


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