Friday Favorites #1

Housewife Glamour

I am doing a new Friday link up this week! It is through Housewife Glamour. I love her blog. She is a great fitness motivator! 

  • I just bought the Nutribullet System. I love it already. It is a perfect mix of blending and juicing. 

I bought mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. $100.

  •  Cooking. I have been on a real cooking binge lately. I have some great recipes to share with y'all coming up. In the meantime looks at this killer grilled cheese I just made. I could only eat half, sadly. 

Fun fact: I regularly eat on paper plates if it is just me! One less dish. 

  • The New Year! I can't remember where I saw this, maybe Pinterest or Instagram. If anyone else has seen it and knows where it originated please let me know so I can give credit!! 

Cute idea, right?

  • Inspiration. I am using this photo of myself from about 7 years ago as my fitness inspiration. I have never been smaller than a size 2, always had hips and boobs but I need to get back to being a bit healthier. *Coors aside*

How about that Dawson's Creek hair cut. Yikes. 

  • Tobi. HOW did I not know about this site. As a new member you get 50%, yes FIFTY percent off your first order. *Shame alert: I bought over $600 worth of goodies--paid half price. That is not my usual spending amount but I figured 50% off I'd better load up! 

One of my picks! Will be great with tights and a cardigan or sweater and then perfect for summer. Click picture for link. $36.

 Those are just a few of the things rocking my 2014 so far. Looking forward to discovering some new blogs through a new link up! Thanks Housewife Glamour for hosting something new!


  1. Love the dress and the jar idea looks pretty cool! Go for your goal of fitness :D I'll make sure to mark this blog!

  2. You are going to rock your goal :)

  3. My mom just got a I went & bought myself the cheaper magic bullet. I totally started that jar thing too! Good luck with it! Also, that grilled cheese looks A-MA-ZING!



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