Surgery Recovery

Hey y'all. If you saw my post on Sunday you know I had surgery yesterday.

I am feeling a lot better this morning, but yesterday was pretty rough, as to be expected. I have never felt that kind of pain, because I have never had surgery before. I think a toothache has been the extent of my pain.

The whole ordeal was new from the IV in my hand, to the carrying round an IV bag, to laying in this awful hospital bed, to being wheeled around, and put under (which I have NO memory of), to coming out of the anesthesia and wanting to cry from pain…you get the idea.

Here I sit now on my couch after a somewhat restless night sleep feeling 10 times better. I have to sleep only on my back so that was really hard for me, since I am a stomach sleeper. I took two doses of Ibuprofen through the night as well. I have hydrocodone, but I must not be a gangster because pain pills make me sick. I took a few of them yesterday but I am going to limit them to bed time so I don't have to spend all day nauseated.

I'm not quite up for any posts today and possibly the rest of the weekend. Hopefully I will feel better Monday. I just wanted to let y'all know I am alive! I've got my post op appointment at 10:30 this morning so hopefully the butcher will fill me in on what my next few weeks ahead look like…and I might catch a glimpse of my new (old) boobs.


  1. Hydrocodine does the same thing to me. sending you healing thoughts :)

  2. I cant take that kind of medicine b/c it makes me feel like Im flying. I dont like it.

    hope you get better soon. take care of yourself.

  3. I'm glad that it went well. I hope your recovery goes well!

  4. EKK! So glad the surgery went well and you are startin' to feel better. Surgery is no fun. Here's to a speedy recovery and a fabulous summer/spring in all the tops your heart can desire

  5. Praying the pain goes away quickly!

  6. Hi Megan, I have a question about your blog, could you email me at cameronvsj(at)gmail(dot)com ?




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