Forgive me for my very long hiatus! I became swamped with work, caught up in a relationship, and generally just neglected a lot of things over the last year. (<-- Time flies, even when you aren't having fun.)

How about a quick game of "catch up"? I promise it will be brief, because after all, this is not my diary.

Work has moved at a virtually non-stop pace this last year, but true to form when the last quarter comes around, the breaks get pumped--THANK GOODNESS! I have still continued to read all of my favorite blogs, as well as pick up some new ones, and my desire to be a part of the community has not wavered, it was merely my management of time. I recently got out of a year long relationship that had so many ups and downs I can't even call it a "year long relationship" with out laughing and rolling my eyes a bit.  Y'all know how it is…

Anyway, here I am now. I've been putting back ideas for potential posts for months and I am finally ready to delve back into it, if you are still ready to read!

Stay tuned this afternoon for my entry back into the blog world.


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